Which TV-Watching Personality Are You?

Which TV-Watching Personality Are You?

Okay, now that we have covered some deep material here, it is time to have a little fun. We all watch TV. Well, for some of us, that means we watch the Super Bowl and maybe the Grammy Awards. MAYBE. For many of us, however, we dabble in many different types of television. Most importantly, we are proud of it. So, which one are YOU? πŸ˜‰

  1. The Bashful Binge-er

    Binge watch doryOkay, so maybe you aren’t bashful about it, but I just love alliterations. If this is you, you are an extroverted introvert. You decide when you would like to save the entire weekend to watch the ENTIRE Gilmore Girls revival. You like being social…SOMETIMES. You also LOVE to wait for the entire season to be put on Netflix in June. And you watch them all very quickly. You might occasionally watch one live if a friend invites you, but you truly love your bed, your laptop, and a glass of wine. Binge-away!

  2. Reality Rachel

    Reality rachel memeAlright, time to fess up, Rachel. You don’t care how many people poke fun at you, you LOVE The Bachelor. Who needs scripted character development? Oh, wait. The Bachelor is scripted. SPOILER ALERT! Anyway, you also love J-Lo’s World of Dance and Dancing With The Stars. You might even consider dabbling in ABC’s American Idol reboot. MAYBE. So, Reality Rachel, am I right?

  3. Catch-Up Carly

    Far behind memeWell, Carly, you try. We give you credit. You really do try. But, if there is a work function this Thursday, you go for the open bar. If your Tinder date asks if you are free, you say YES. And lastly, if your friend’s cover band is playing down the street, you go. You miss the episode. Hell, you might miss 2 weeks in a row. Now, you are tempted to just join in with the second half of How To Get Away With Murder because your friend just ruined the cliffhanger for you. Goodness, Carly, catch up already!

  4. Cathy Cable

    HBO memeOkay, so Cathy Cable has a point. Cable shows rock, not to mention they often fill most of the nominations during Emmy and Golden Globe season. The Walking Dead, Girls, Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies…..the list goes on. Graphic, intense, gruesome, brutal, honest, and passionate. Cathy Cable knows what’s up. You aren’t messing with primetime precautions or catastrophic commercial breaks. Did I mention I enjoy alliterations? You go, Cathy!

  5. Primetime Ponderers

    LIve tv memeLive, live, live! Your twitter is out. You’ve already tweeted your fellow fans. Your wine is poured, and you don’t make ANY plans. THE NEW EPISODE IS YOUR PLAN. No one can call. No one can text, well, until a commercial. You’ve thought about the episode at least twice at work today. Also, you have watched ALL of the previews that were released on the Facebook page. You might even follow a Tumblr fan account and secretly look for spoilers. You love live TV. And better yet, you make a blog about the power of live television and the impact it has on audiences worldwide. πŸ˜‰

Well, which one are you? Sound off in the comments below by clicking on the title of the article!


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